30 days of Truth – What I love about myself.

This has got to be a hard one. As I confessed in my previous entry for this challenge there’s very little about myself that I do love.  So what is it? What do I love about myself.


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I guess I love my brain. Even with all it’s issues, it’s disorders, the twisted thoughts and feelings bottled up in a mass of cells, my brain is amazing. It might not remember what I was supposed to do tomorrow. It might not be able to tell me when I should or shouldn’t eat and it might not be able to understand rocket science but it’s a beautiful piece of machinery that keeps me going through everything. Without my brain I wouldn’t exist and I’m thankful for it. It may be the source of my problems but it’s the giver of my life and keeps me pushing through everything, fighting at another day on this earth.


About Coco Gal

A Second Life Gyaru sharing her life, loves and fashion.
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