Berry’s Blogger Challenge – What do you believe?

Belief is a funny word for someone who isn’t religious. I believe in many things, in fact but I think I’ll probably write about the one I think you’ll find most interesting. Most people believe that I’m just a barbie-doll (both in RL and SL) but when they realise I’ve got a bit of knowledge about Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics, it tends to leave them a little surprised. So to cut a long story short, I believe in Multiple Dimensions/Parallel Universes.

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I first heard about this theory whilst watching an Anime called Noein (if anyone who’s into anime or just wants to know a little more about the Quantum world, I would really recommend).  I basically believe in the Hugh Everett‘s many-worlds interpretation. In short, when a 6 sided die is rolled, each possible outcome happens in a seperate universe or dimension. Every possible occurance for every possible moment is happening somewhere in another dimension. In fact, it could also mean that your doppelganger is in fact in multiple universes all having chosen differently at different points in your/their lives and are living totally differently.

This also brings me to my belief in Ghosts. I dont believe in Ghosts as being the dead roaming the earth but rather someone in another parallel universe that happened to accidentally cross over at one point. Places that are deemed “haunted” just happen to be a place where the crossing of universes happens more often, something like a wormhole perhaps. However this ghost theory is just my belief and I don’t have much scientific evidence to back it up but there we go.

If you want anymore information on Quantum Physics/Quantum Mechanics, different dimensions or Hugh Everett’s Theory of Muli-worlds, there are many things on Wikipedia and google that will help you.


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2 Responses to Berry’s Blogger Challenge – What do you believe?

  1. OMG that just blew me away! I also totally believe in ghosts or spirits as you described. Thank you so much for participating. ❤

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