Grey Gyaru.

My first LOTD will be part of the 52 weeks of colour challenge.

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This week’s colour is Grey. I thought this would be quite hard as I don’t really have many things in my inventory that aren’t full of colour but I think I did ok with this outfit. The skin is my current favourite. I’ve not changed it in weeks. I was shocked to find a Gyaru skin in game and was so thrilled I bought it with all the Linden I had at the time.
There’s a sweet story behind the gorgeous Leopard Print top from KHUSH and how it came to be in my possession. I happened to mention my being ill on my Plurk timeline some time ago. Forgetting about it I carried on my business as usual. The owner of KHUSH posted a link to her updated blog and I happened to mention how much I loved a certain Leopard Print top that had just been added to the collection. Before I knew it I had a little box appear in my inventory along with a note saying it was a gift from Kirsty herself because she’d seen I was sick. I had the biggest smile on my face afterwards. The kindness of SLers knows no bounds and the generosity of that one person put me in a fantastic mood that evening. It just goes to show you how much a little kindness and generosity can affect people.

Skin: Pink Fuel Ember Gyaru
Hair: Truth Miranda Champagne
Top: KHUSH Animal Print Top
Corset: Nyte’N’Day Lift Button Corset Black
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry Porcelain ruffle skirt Tweed
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps Black
Bangles: Fishy Strawberry Brown Wood Bangles


About Coco Gal

A Second Life Gyaru sharing her life, loves and fashion.
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